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THE MEANING OF THIS NECKLACE: This piece is a conversation starter. Throughout the necklace, it has meaning.

A necklace with a message:
📖Crucifixion  & Resurrection🗝️

❤️Jesus Christ dying on the cross, risen 3 days later, and after spending more time on earth, finally ascending into Heaven(main cross with wings).
❤️The crosses on the side of Jesus where the 2 thieves were hung.
❤️You'll see many beads in a 3 in a row format to signify the 3 crosses and also the Trinity.
❤️The white beads with red to signify the blood spatter that was cast off the whip that was used to give the lashes on his back.
❤️The red beads to signify all the blood of His that was shed.
❤️Black beads to signify the darkness of the sins that came upon Him while on the cross.
❤️Silver and pearl like beads to show his purity before and after the cross.
❤️The crown of thorns that was forced upon his head (the rugged spikes at the top).
❤️And finally the key (in the middle of the spikes) Jesus took back while in Hates, freeing the people who were already departed.


This beautiful necklace is not only a show stopping piece, but has a beautiful message.



Silver chain

Lobster claw clasp for adjustability



The length is approximately 30 inches. (Not including the chain)

Crucifixtion & Resurrection Cross Necklace

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