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3 gold antique style pendants with purple gem

Oval cylinder shaped gold beads with hues of red and light green

Matte purple beads

Round gold beads with detailed design

Gold spacers

Pre-stretched to ensure the bracelet lasts.

馃拵SIZE: (one size fits most- it's fit depends on the wrist)

The size is approximately 7.5 inches.


Wrist Measurements: 
路 Small wrist size*     Women: 6"in - less than 7"in                                         
路 Medium wrist size* Women: 7"in - less than 8"in                                            
路 Large wrist size*     Women: over 8"in- less than 9"in

Take a rubber band, a string, or a strip of paper (if it鈥檚 a rubber band cut it open first).
Wrap it around your wrist and mark it where it touches. Now measure up to where you marked it on a ruler. Or you can use a measuring tape if you have one. Add 1/2 inch for more of a loose fit.

Zaria Bracelet

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