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3 gold antique style pendants with emerald gem

Red oval beads with purple and white detailed desigs

Green pearl beads

Gold spacers 

Pre-stretched to ensure the bracelet lasts.

馃拵SIZE: (one size fits most- it's fit depends on the wrist)

The size is approximately 7.5 inches.


Wrist Measurements: 
路 Small wrist size*     Women: 6"in - less than 7"in                                         
路 Medium wrist size* Women: 7"in - less than 8"in                                            
路 Large wrist size*     Women: over 8"in- less than 9"in

Take a rubber band, a string, or a strip of paper (if it鈥檚 a rubber band cut it open first).
Wrap it around your wrist and mark it where it touches. Now measure up to where you marked it on a ruler. Or you can use a measuring tape if you have one. Add 1/2 inch for more of a loose fit.

Elora Bracelet

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